What is rigging?

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What is rigging?

What is rigging?

At Can Ridge, we are experts in rigging. For those who are new the industrial equipment industry you may have not previously heard of the term, “rigging’. However, if you require heavy equipment moving or machinery installation services, it is something that you will become very familiar with.


Rigging is the process of lifting and moving extremely heavy objects with cranes and pulley systems. While it may sound simple, the process is made complex by the shear size of the equipment and machinery being moved. It takes time and attention to detail to properly move equipment from one location to another. Without the correct expertise, heavy equipment that is not correctly moved can result in serious injury and costly damage.

The process of rigging

Rigging is used with cranes. Cranes can either be built on site, or mobile (attached to large trucks). Rigging usually begins by lifting the equipment from its original location onto a flatbed truck that will transport it to its final destination. Once the equipment reaches its final destination it is taken off the truck and placed into position.

To lift the machinery it must be securely fastened to the crane. Chains and straps are used to hold the machinery to the crane hook. If the chains or crane is not strong enough, it can result in damage to the crane or heavy equipment. Our qualified crane operators understand the weight of the object being lifted and the capacity of the crane and attachments. This careful calculation leads to confidence in our skill to move the equipment.

Before lifting the equipment the cranes feet are put into place. These feet are spread out widely to prevent the crane from tipping over during the hoist.

What equipment needs to be moved through rigging?

Common items that are moved through rigging are:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Power generators
  • Large safes
  • Large boilers
  • Industrial machinery

These types of equipment are large, cumbersome and expensive. Without the proper care and correct technique the move can become very expensive.

Industrial equipment moving can be a stressful process. At Can Ridge we have been moving equipment for years and have completed hundreds of jobs safely.