What is Industrial Moving?

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What is Industrial Moving?

What is Industrial Moving?

What is Industrial Moving?


Industrial Moving is the transportation of infrastructure or equipment from one location to another. Our experienced team members and millwrights will get the job done, with a focus on speed and efficiency, while always making safety a priority to prevent unnecessary damages.

How large or heavy of items is Can Ridge’s Industrial Moving Team able to transport?


Our Industrial Moving Team is able to handle large machinery and oversized equipment such as CNC machines, powder coating ovens, and autoclaves, to name a few, by utilizing our diverse fleet of transportation equipment and the knowledge of our Logistics Division to get your items from point A to point B in a safe and effective manner.

What type of transportation equipment do you have?


Can Ridge Industries Ltd. has a vast array of equipment able to transport almost any item, such as Stiff BoomFolding Boom, and Hydraulic Cranes, as well as low-beds, flat-decks, and double-drop trailers.

Can Ridge Industrial Moving


Where does Can Ridge provide industrial moving services?


Can Ridge specializes in Industrial Moving across the Greater Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley, but is happy to meet your needs across British Columbia.

I have a commercial kitchen that needs to be moved to a new location, can Can Ridge do that?


Yes, Can Ridge’s Industrial Moving Team is able to orchestrate and facilitate the movement of commercial plants and production facilities of all kinds, including commercial kitchens and restaurants, while taking into account the budget, timeline and current production schedules.

What types of services and industries is Can Ridge able to provide Industrial Moving for?


We are able to provide Industrial Moving for a variety of services and industries including

What experience does Can Ridge have with specific equipment?


Our skilled Industrial Moving Team has years of experience with specific equipment such as CNC Machinery MovingHVAC SystemsBank Safes & VaultsCommercial Tank MovingMedical, Lab, Dental EquipmentFragile Delicate Moving, and much more.

Can Ridge Relocating Machinery

What types of machines does Can Ridge typically move?


Can Ridge’s Industrial Moving Division moves many types of machines, including but not limited to, CNC machinery, milling machines, printing machinery, transformers, switch gear, chillers, boilers, HVAC equipment, industrial ovens, storage tanks, dust collectors, compactors, plant moves, construction equipment, batteries, and bank safes / vaults.

I have a large commercial production plant that is moving to a new location. Are you able to handle logistics and inventory management while moving the production plant to a new location?


Yes, Can Ridge has orchestrated and facilitated the movement of many plants, taking into account the budget, timeline and current production schedules. Our team is trained to move swiftly, ensuring the safety of all your equipment and inventory, with a goal to get your assets up and running in your new location as quickly as possible. From Vancouver to the Fraser Valley, our Industrial Moving team has you covered. Smooth transitions and no wasted hours keeps your business lean and in the black.

Is Can Ridge able to store my items during the transportation process?


Can Ridge’s Industrial Moving Division as well as our Logistics Division are able to provide industrial storage and warehousing for your items.

Is Can Ridge able to ship my goods overseas?


Not only is Can Ridge able to ship your items overseas, our Logistics Division is able to facilitate an experienced third-party company to receive and if needed, set up your items or pieces of equipment.

I am shipping my item overseas how will I know that my item will be protected?


Can Ridge is happy to provide marine wrapping as well as crating with ISPM15 stamped and heat-treated lumber ensuring the protection of the item even before being loaded and secured in a shipping container. Can Ridge’s crating specialists are IPPC certified, ensuring all your departing goods are up to international standards, saving time and money.

Can Ridge Industrial Crating