What is equipment staging?

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What is equipment staging?

What is equipment staging?

Have you obtained a new and very complex or large piece of heavy equipment recently? Perhaps your equipment is already being held in our Vancouver storage warehouse, waiting to be re-located to it’s final destination. Our clients often find they require access to the equipment for assembling in advance before having it transported for a variety of important reasons. That’s why we have designated a large space in our Vancouver warehouse for equipment staging, a service we consider to be essential for our customers. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to determine if equipment staging can benefit you.

Are all the parts together in the order for accurate assembly?

While you prepare your equipment for final installation, avoid the time wasted chasing down missing pieces or having to re-order parts when you discover not everything was included as you anticipated. While utilizing the equipment staging area in advance, these problems can be identified and rectified so you can be as prepared as possible.

Was the equipment damaged in any way during transportation?

There is no question from time to time equipment can become damaged during the transportation process or occurred in the manufacturing process. Though not obvious from the outside packaging, in many situations, the damage is found once the equipment is unwrapped. By opening up the packaging and assembling your machinery in our staging area, this situation can be addressed before the equipment is moved again.

Once assembled, how will this equipment operate?

With any new equipment, an introduction and training opportunity will be required prior to use. Once assembled in our staging area, gather your team for an introduction or schedule a training session for operating the equipment in advance. This will be vital for safety measures and your team will feel prepared for when it arrives to it’s final location.

How much space will be required while it’s operating?

While preparing your area for your new equipment it would be beneficial to see the piece in it’s full on operating mode. Making sure you have accurately planned out the space required for maximum its functionality will save you a lot of time and money in the end. Don’t get caught in a tight situation when assembling your equipment at a final destination where it does not fit.