Water-Crossing Delivery of Concrete Blocks in BC

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Water-Crossing Delivery of Concrete Blocks in BC

Water-Crossing Delivery of Concrete Blocks in BC
Can Ridge Delivers Equipment & Concrete Blocks 10km up to the North End of Stave Lake

To some, these images may just look like some great photos of Can Ridge Industries Ltd. proudly exhibiting our branding and equipment on an interesting assignment.

However, to us it shows something more… Project management, logistics and coordination, concrete block supply, safety and a Can Do Attitude.

A recent project took Can Ridge 10km up to the north end of Stave Lake to deliver concrete blocks and equipment for bridge and road upgrades on the Florence Lake Forest Service Road. These concrete blocks & Octo-Blocs can also be used in retaining walls on residential properties. 

Can Ridge handled the complete process of transportation and handled the logistics hurdles including the organization and coordination of a barge in order to ensure the safe and timely delivery of concrete blocks and equipment to the section of road that required upgrades.

The knowledge and experience of our team allows us to say “YES” to interesting and complex jobs with the confidence that we will find a solution to complete the task. Can Ridge appreciates the vast array of business that comes at us each day, and enjoy providing solutions to the challenges that may come with it.