Using a Hydraulic Lift on Your Project

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Using a Hydraulic Lift on Your Project

Using a Hydraulic Lift on Your Project

Heavy machinery moving is exactly that – heavy. For these tough moving jobs we use hydraulic cranes to place heavy equipment where it needs to go, but what happens if the location the machinery needs to be placed is inaccessible by crane? A hydraulic platform is ideal in this situation.

What is a hydraulic lift?

A hydraulic lift is a large platform supported below by a scissor lift mechanism. Through hydraulic action the platform is raised. Hydraulic lifts can often been seen in department stores where employees need to be raised to access inventory on higher shelves. In the case of industrial moves, we are able to lift items that weigh thousands of pounds. In the event that a machinery unit needs to be placed on a different floor, the hydraulic lift can raise it up to that level without issue.

The benefits of industrial moving with a hydraulic lift

A hydraulic lift makes heavy lifting tasks much easier. In locations where a crane or hoist is unable to fit, a hydraulic lift can easily lift or bring down a piece of equipment without using a large amount of manpower.

The hydraulic lifts are also on wheels, enabling them to transport equipment to different locations. This means we can take a CNC machine from the second level floor down to ground level, then out of the building. From here one of our cranes can take over and move it onto a trailer bed.

Hydraulic lifts also help to avoid damage to the equipment being transported. By being supported on a platform, there is no way for the equipment to fall, it is supported from the bottom keeping it safe and steady.

Experts at industrial moving

If you are looking to move your CNC machinery or any heavy equipment, trust Can Ridge.