The Many Uses of Mobile Cranes on the West Coast

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The Many Uses of Mobile Cranes on the West Coast

The Many Uses of Mobile Cranes on the West Coast

When most people hear the word “crane”, an image of a towering metal machine lifting components of a skyscraper high into the air may come to mind. At Can Ridge Industries, we deal with a different type of crane, which is commonly referred to as a Truck Mounted Mobile Crane (or just mobile crane). This style of crane is typically much smaller than the average big-city behemoths, but much more versatile. Our mobile cranes are moved from site to site via an attached truck and are either a folding or stiff boom design.

Mobile cranes have a long list of benefits, for a wide range of industries. Interested to learn how a mobile crane could help your company become faster and more efficient? Here are the top 6 situations where a mobile crane will bring massive benefits to you as a business owner or contractor.

  1. Fast Setup Required

Tower cranes look quite impressive once they are erected, however, they cannot be constructed in a single morning. Erecting a tower crane is a long and complicated process, where mobile cranes require almost no time to “set-up” and can get started on the required project right away.This results in less time waiting for a project to commence, less idle time for your employees and increased efficiency overall. If your company is not waiting hours or days to get set up for a job site, you can spend more time completing the tasks at hand, moving onto your next job quickly. More jobs equates to more revenue, which is music to many contractors’ ears.

  1. Compact and Difficult Working Environments

As we continue to expand our cities, the working conditions become much tighter, which can create challenges if you require machinery on your job site. All of the cranes in our mobile fleet take up very little room when compared to tower cranes, or other heavy lifting alternatives. Having a smaller profile can be more convenient, but if you are working in a busy city such as Vancouver, a mobile crane may be your only option. Mobile crane operators familiar with manipulating folding and stiff booms can accomplish amazing tasks in the smallest of spaces.

Mobile cranes may also be your only option in remote, rugged locations, such as an oil field, or a site in a mountainous area. There are many businesses who rely on mobile cranes on a daily basis, such as a construction crew building a new highway in the far north, or a mining company harvesting their resources hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town.

  1. Multiple Work Sites

There are definitely a few benefits that come with a tower crane, however, once you decide on a worksite, that crane is not going to help your company in any other location than where it stands. A mobile crane can hop around to various locations and job sites, lending a hand wherever required. Mobile cranes have come to the rescue on thousands of job sites, travelling across cities or provinces to help meet a deadline or assist with an unexpected difficulty.

  1. Heavy Materials That Need to Be Moved

Smaller does not always mean weaker! Even though a mobile crane looks up at tower cranes, they still have ample amounts of strength which will allow them to vault bulky building materials into the air. We have the capacity to lift up to 80,000 lbs, which is more than enough muscle for most job site situations. The strength of our mobile cranes is derived from the power of hydraulics and heavy-duty axles, lifting shipping containers, cement barriers, and steel beams with ease!

  1. Tight Budget

As a savvy business owner or contractor, you keep a close eye on your bottom line, as you should. When comparing the costs of other heavy duty lifting options with a mobile crane, you will be pleasantly surprised. Some of the costs that are often not considered when utilizing a tower crane are the labour and manpower that is required to erect, along with idle time spent waiting for a project to begin. Oftentimes, special permits and installers are required for large-scale cranes, adding additional costs to your operations. In contrast, a mobile crane will come in immediately and get the job done with impressive efficiency, saving you time and money.

  1. Complications and Issues

Jobsite breakdowns and other issues are an inevitable part of business, however, some lifting options are more prone to complications than others. Large tower cranes are exposed to the elements, day and night, whereas a mobile crane is stored safely overnight in an offsite location, always ready for another day of lifting. Tower cranes are susceptible to weather damage, recently displayed by the unfortunate string of hurricanes that have rocked the South. Tower cranes are also much more difficult to repair when an issue arises, but if you are dealing with a mobile crane, a replacement piece of equipment can easily come and replace it quickly, if not within minutes. Mobile cranes are also usually easier to repair since the entire unit is close to the ground and can be moved around to the required technician.

Whether you are lifting a piano and a hot tub at a residential location or shuffling around shipping containers and industrial HVAC units, mobile cranes have you covered. Agile and versatile, a mobile crane is an amazing tool to have to work alongside your business.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team today to get lifting!