Types of Cranes & Hoists

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Types of Cranes & Hoists

Types of Cranes & Hoists

Moving heavy machinery is a tough task that requires specialized equipment. In order to move CNC machinery or heavy equipment correct tools must be used to prevent damage to the item being moved and to facilitate a quick and efficient move. Through the use of cranes and hoists extremely heavy objects can be lifted and placed on to truck trailers for transportation. There are many types of cranes available for use.

Vehicle Mounted Cranes

Vehicle mounted cranes are what Can Ridge specialize in. These are cranes attached to a truck that can be easily transported between locations. The main benefits of these types of cranes are that they do not require assembling or disassembling. This speeds up the setup and take down time, ultimately reducing the amount of hours billed.

When setting up these mobile cranes, stabilizing feet called “outriggers” are extended from the base of the crane to prevent the crane from falling over and increasing its lifting load.

Telescopic mobile cranes include an arm that extends and retracts. This helps the crane to reach further to move heavy equipment and lift it higher. The farther the crane arm is extended, the more important the outriggers are to prevent the crane from tipping over.

Tower Crane

For projects that involve lifting extremely heavy equipment in one location only, a tower crane is most suitable. This type of crane would be most commonly used in construction projects. If the job requires lifting steel beams up 10 stories, a tower crane has the structural stability and coverage to handle this.

With this increased stability and range comes the cost of the time it takes to assemble and disassemble the tower. A tower crane can take as little as a day to build and complete (depending on the height). This means that unless a heavy lifting task truly calls for a tower crane, a telescopic crane is much more useful.

Experts in Crane Operations

At Can Ridge we are experts in cranes and rigging. We have moved heavy equipment all around the Lower Mainland and British Columbia. If you have a job that requires heavy lifting, contact us online.