The Details of Industrial Moving- Spray Booth and Oven Example

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The Details of Industrial Moving- Spray Booth and Oven Example

The Details of Industrial Moving- Spray Booth and Oven Example


When examining the various machines and infrastructure that is required for most businesses to operate on a daily basis, you might notice a trend. Machinery, grouped inventory and building materials tend to be big, bulky, awkwardly shaped and HEAVY.

When you marvel at the efficiency of a CNC machine or a cold-forge press, it’s easy to forget that someone had to physically get this piece of machinery to this location, likely through multiple sets of entrance-ways. If you are a business owner or manager that is considering moving to a new location, or you want to sell some of your larger assets, you will need to consider how your machinery will vacate its current home. This is where an experienced industrial moving team like Can Ridge Industries enters the equation to ensure that your assets can be quickly relocated from one location to another without causing any damage to the load in question.


A large industrial oven that was moved by the industrial moving team at Can Ridge in British Columbia


To orchestrate how the industrial moving process might be executed for your assets, we recently documented our teams experience moving a spray booth and an industrial oven from Chilliwack to Abbotsford.


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When our client called in our industrial moving team, the first thing we needed to do was assess the situation. Our team will typically do a little fact-finding in order to discover:

-Where the equipment is located

-Can the equipment be dismantled and re-assembled easily?

-Is there a clear path to exit the building?

-Is there a clear path into the building where the asset is going to?


Once all the information is gathered and a clear plan is in place, the actual moving can begin.



In this specific scenario, we were able to partially dismantle the spray booth in order to make transportation easier. The first step was to unhook the big conduits for the oven, such as the heating vents and the gas connections. All of these services were cut off and disabled prior to our arrival at our team’s request. This ensures the safety of our team and any of our client’s employees that might have been nearby.

For the actual booth, we started by taking the ceiling panels off and disconnecting the extractor at the rear of the booth. Both the front and the back panels also had to be removed in order to relocate this asset.

In regards to the industrial oven, we started by taking the control panel off but left the wiring attached and rested the panel on top of the oven. We next removed all the doors, the heat blower units, the roof panels, the gas and exhaust conduits and the roof panels.




All the walls were able to be transported without being broken down further to expedite set up at the new location. Our team moved all the walls and panels into our truck, placing them inside the actual booth so that the electrical components did not have to be disconnected, while also ensuring that the various components would not shift at all during the process. All the lights remained attached to the spray booth during the move, however, our team did knock out the anchor points before relocating and reinstalled those points once the spray booth was in its new location. Before we let our trucks leave Chilliwack, we ensured that everything was secured, especially the control panel on top of the oven, which resulted in all of the assets arriving safely in Abbotsford. 


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