Specialty Rigging for Complex Move

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Specialty Rigging for Complex Move

Specialty Rigging for Complex Move

Move Communications Building from Downtown Vancouver to Vancouver Island


Recently, the Can Ridge team orchestrated a move of a 20,000 lb. communications building from Downtown Vancouver to Vancouver Island.

The building could not be transported via BC Ferries as it was too large. Instead, the structure had to be taken across the water on a barge.

Moving Day – Multiple Cranes & Critical Lift

Communciations Building On Trailer

Multiple crane lifts can be tricky business and require a high degree of planning. All of which took place well in advance of dispatching our trucks to complete the job. Once the building arrived on shore, two members of our team lifted the structure off the barge and made the 5.5 hour drive to the site at Port McNeil.

Delivery – Port McNeil

Double Crane Lift of Communciations Building

Once the team arrived on-site with the building, the key challenge was to lift and place the large and heavy building onto small concrete footings. When planning a lift like this, there are many factors to consider, such as, load distribution, lifting capacity of the cranes and of course rigging. The two operators needed  to complete a critical tandem lift using double spreader bars to ensure safe placement of the structure.

Moving Communciations Building onto Cement Footings

The crane operators had to lift the building strategically due to the tight site conditions and place the building accurately onto the concrete footings. The entire operation was success and an impressive display of skills, safety and teamwork.