Safe Entry and Exit – 3 Points of Contact

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Safe Entry and Exit – 3 Points of Contact

Safe Entry and Exit – 3 Points of Contact

Did you know if you jump from the cabin, you can exert 12 times your body weight on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back?

When getting in and out of your truck, you need to maintain three points of contact with the machine.  That means one hand and two feet, or two hands and one foot- at all times.  This is also referred to as a three-point mount/dismount.

Three points of contact forms a triangle of anchor points, the triangle changes in form while you mount and dismount.  You have the most stability when the center of the triangle is closest to your center of gravity

The Following principals shall be followed when moving up or down from a level surface or stable platform.


  • Always face in towards the machine
  • Mount and dismount only when the machine is stopped
  • Only break the three-point contact when you reach the ground/cab/platform
  • Take extra care in wet, snowy or icy weather, ledges may be slippery
  • Avoid wearing loose or torn clothing that can catch on the equipment

NEVER JUMP!  You may land off balance or on an uneven surface and fall