Relocating a Manufacturing Facility

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Relocating a Manufacturing Facility

Relocating a Manufacturing Facility

Industrial Move of a Manufacturing Facility
From Burnaby, BC to Surrey, BC


Recently, Can Ridge was contacted by a customer that required a large and complex industrial move. The customer needed their entire manufacturing facility moved from Burnaby to Surrey on a 3-day time frame. 

Can Ridge’s Industrial Moving Team mobilized on short notice, creating a plan to move all assets, including machinery, inventory, parts, and racking. The Industrial Moving Division determined and coordinated all of the equipment needed to complete the job, including forklifts, low-bed trailers, as well as some lifting assistance from our Mobile Crane Services Division.

Manufacturing Facility Move

The project required the Industrial Moving Team to band and bundle all of the inventory into bails that were organized and identified to ensure ease of traceability and restocking at the new facility. The team then dismantled over-sized racking, which required the use of low-bed trailers to transport the asset to the new shop. With help from our Transportation and Mobile Crane Divisions, we were able to move the rest of the equipment and parts.

Manufacturing Facility Move of Materials Racks

With the help of added manpower, our Industrial Moving Division was able to facilitate all dismantling, bundling, inventory identification, transportation, cleaning, reassembly, anchoring, and restacking of all machinery, inventory, parts, racking, and other assets at the new facility, while reducing the time frame from 3 days, down to 2, allowing the customer to immediately restart production at the new facility, saving them time and money.

Can Ridge would like to thank our Industrial Moving Division for such fast and effective service to empty this manufacturing facility.

Emptied Manufacturing Facility After Move

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