Raising Of A Totem Pole

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Raising Of A Totem Pole

Raising Of A Totem Pole

Raising Totem Pole at Annex House


The Can Ridge team took part in a sacred ceremony of transitioning an ancient cedar totem pole, carved by a Master Coast Salish carver near Joyce sky-train station to Collingwood neighbourhood Annex House in East Vancouver.

Moving a Totem Pole by Crane Truck

The 1,800 pound structure which took 10 weeks to carve was resting flat on the ground and was lifted using one of our crane trucks with the assistance of nylon lifting slings then laid back down flat, on the back of the crane truck. To ensure proper load securement, and the safety of everyone involved in the parade, the Can Ridge crane team placed softeners which are soft nylon slings underneath the tie down belts that went over and around the totem pole to keep it in place during the move. The Can Ridge crane truck took centre stage and carried the totem pole for 4 blocks in a ceremonial parade, alongside beating drums, huge crowds and police escort on both ends.

Crane Moving Totem Pole into Place

Once the team arrived at Annex House, they took special consideration of the ceremonial processions,  growing crowds and the sensitive nature of the lift, and cornered off the surrounding area with tape to ensure a safe and seamless transition. Our Can Ridge specialty rigging team took special precaution to monitor the taped off area to ensure that the transitioning area was free and clear of people and other obstructions. Using the crane once more, the team carefully lifted the ancient cedar structure from the truck and laid it flat down on the ground. The totem was then secured with rigging and for the last time, the crane truck lifted the masterpiece up once more and grounded it in its new forever home.

Totem Pole Placement