Plastic Green Molding Machine Move

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Plastic Green Molding Machine Move

Plastic Green Molding Machine Move

Unloading Engel Plastic Injection Molding Machines


At a loading dock in Pitt Meadows, the skilled Can Ridge team successfully offloaded two huge Engel plastic injection molding machines that were shipped in from Germany.

To gain access to the 12,000 pound and 22,000 pound machines, the team had to carefully map out their plan. They had to consider the heavy weight of both machines, how they were going to access the machines from the containers that they were shipped in, and how to properly level each machine when placing down on the floor.

When executing this move, the team would also have to ensure that no damage would be done on the machinery and surrounding area. The first step was to lift both machines out of the containers. To execute the lift, the roofs of the containers were removed and using a Hiab crane truck, the machines were lifted up and out from the top of the containers, one by one. A crane could not facilitate the transition of the machines into the intended warehouse space, so the team used the crane to carefully place both machines onto machine moving skates to make the transition into the warehouse easier. 

Machine moving skates are ideal for moving and maneuvering large objects in straight lines with a weight capacity of several tons. In this instance, two skates were used at the back of each machine, while one steering skate was used at the front to ensure an even move. Using the assistance of forklifts to push and pull at the front and back, the machines were then individually skated into the building.

Once each machine was moved into its desired location, the team used jacks to lower the machines onto leveling pads where each machine was leveled individually and then pushed into place. The team then applied and attached all of the moving components and robots back onto the machines. This creative move was completed in just a day!