Planting Trees In Whistler

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Planting Trees In Whistler

Planting Trees In Whistler
Transporting Trees From Langley Nursery To Home in Whistler


Can Ridge was recently engaged by a very happy repeat client with whom we have a very good working relationship with. A nursery in Langley called us in to take some very beautiful Excelsa cedar and Siberian spruce trees all the way up to a whistler home to be planted as a privacy screen in the backyard. These large trees were about 25 feet high and weighed approximately 4000 pounds each. We had one crane operator as well as a transport truck working together as a team to load several trees up onto their truck and trailer. Once they were loaded, tarped, rigged and secured into place, they made the journey up to Whistler the next morning. 

Upon arrival, the Can Ridge Speciality Rigging Team took turns to strategically manoeuvre their truck and trailer up a very narrow driveway to the backyard and position themselves in a manner to ensure that there was adequate working space to install each tree along a very straight line to create sufficient privacy between the neighbouring yard. An excavator operator was already on site and had dug up the holes that the trees were to be placed in.

The Can Ridge team has had plenty of experience planting trees and were well aware of the different factors involved in successfully installing and planting them. The tree holes that were dug up had to be evenly spaced apart from each other, wide enough in diameter as well as deep enough to give the Can Ridge team room to securely place each tree inside without the risk of the trees toppling over. Once the tree holes were properly established, our crane operator then lifted each tree off his trailer and placed them inside the corresponding tree hole. The operator then chose the most visually appealing side of the tree and adjusted the tree accordingly to face the property owner’s yard.

A landscaper assisted with the planting process by packing the soil around the sides of each tree as they were being planted, all while the crane was still holding the tree upright. Once each tree was successfully planted, a watering hose was concentrated on each tree to help re-hydrate them for after being out of soil for so long. 

The tree planting was a total success and the property owners were beyond happy with the condition the trees arrived in as well as the precise and neat job our team executed that day. The property owners got exactly what they had wished for and are now enjoying their new privacy screen!