Organizing an Equipment & Machinery Move

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Organizing an Equipment & Machinery Move

Organizing an Equipment & Machinery Move

When preparing for a heavy equipment move, there can be many logistics involved. Even before you have selected your machinery moving company, you need to determine many factors that can make or break the process.

Organize Your Team

Before your equipment or machinery move, it is important to have your team prepared. This means that you have sufficient people involved, and each is clear about their task in the move. Involve team members that have knowledge about the equipment and machinery. Their input during the process can prevent damage and harm to the equipment. Set up a meeting with your team to discuss the intricacies of the equipment and what needs to be kept in mind during the move.

Some tasks would include: the shut down of the machinery, ensuring that it is disconnected properly, securing moving parts during the transfer, preparing the new location for delivery, installing the machine in its new home, and reactivating the equipment for us.

By having your team appropriately divided and clearly brief on their task, you will help ensure a less stressful move.

Prepare Your Equipment/Machinery

During the move the equipment is going to be moving constantly. Ensure that before the move the equipment is shut down appropriately. All moving parts should be secured so that there is as little movement as possible. Any parts that are removed prior to the move should be labeled and documented so they can be reattached later. If you and your team are unsure about the preparation of the machinery, contact the manufacturer for information about moving the equipment to a new location.

Prepare the Locations

Prior to the move, review the current location of the machinery, and ensure that there is sufficient room to move it out. Remove any clutter around the equipment, and clear a path for the equipment to leave the facility, as well as having a clear area for a crane/truck to position outside for hoisting.

The same process should be replicated at the delivery location. Clutter and obstructions can delay the moving process and create additional costs and potential damage. A clear path streamlines the process for everyone.

Use Expert Equipment Movers

There are many other logistics that go into an equipment move. The logistics can be different in each case depending on the item that is being moved. At Can Ridge we have transported a wide range of equipment. We have the knowledge and experience to support you through the moving process. Contact us about your move and we can help you prepare by providing you with the information needed.