BCCSA – COR CERTIFICATION We are very pleased to announce that Can Ridge Industries Ltd. is now a BCCSA – COR certified organization. Safety has always been #1 within our organization. Becoming a BCCSA – COR certified company shows our dedication to continuous improvements in providing a safe work environment for our team members. Learn […]

Residential and Commercial Retaining Wall Blocks

What are Verti-Blocks? Verti-Blocks are an innovative and decorative pre-cast concrete block that is the perfect retaining wall solution for a variety of construction projects. They are unique in size, shape, and flexibility of use. Verti-Block is the ideal solution for residential and commercial retaining wall projects alike. Verti-Block’s are 2’ tall by 4’ wide and 3’ […]

What is a Winch Tractor?

Can Ridge Has Acquired Two New Winch Tractors A winch tractor is typically used to load and transport equipment, tanks, and containers by utilizing the capable 30,000 lbs. winch attached behind the cab of the truck, allowing the operator to drag the object into place on the 5th-wheel mount. Can Ridge Industries Ltd. offers a […]

Our Core Values

Can Ridge Industries Ltd. is very proud to introduce our CORE VALUES: Together, our leadership team came up with our core values. As a company, we truly believe they are the foundation on how we make our decisions each day both professionally & personally. Can Ridge looks forward to showing those around us how we […]

Industrial Machine Moving in the Lower Mainland

Box Manufacturing Machinery Move A short while ago, Can Ridge’s Industrial Moving Division was contacted by a customer who had sold a corrugated box manufacturing machine to a company in the Lower Mainland. When it came time for the machine to be moved to the new location, the customer knew that Can Ridge’s Industrial Moving […]

What is Industrial Moving?

What is Industrial Moving?   Industrial Moving is the transportation of infrastructure or equipment from one location to another. Our experienced team members and millwrights will get the job done, with a focus on speed and efficiency, while always making safety a priority to prevent unnecessary damages. How large or heavy of items is Can Ridge’s […]

What is Third-Party Logistics?

What is 3PL? Third-Party Logistics (or 3PL) is used to provide logistics and transportation services to a wider area by using external companies to complete various tasks. Can Ridge is able to use our own equipment and team members to provide transportation and shipment around British Columbia, but works with experienced third-party companies to transport […]

What is a mobile crane truck?

Mobile crane trucks and their uses A mobile crane truck is a crane that is mounted on a heavy, modified truck chassis so that it can lift, lower or move loaded materials horizontally and vertically. What types of industries does Can Ridge use mobile cranes for? Can Ridge provides Mobile Crane Services for a vast […]