Can Ridge Logistics Transporting Water Treatment Tanks

Can Ridge Industries Ltd’s full-service Logistics Management Division  transporting two large water treatment tanks Can Ridge Industries Ltd’s full-service Logistics Management Division recently undertook a significant task, showcasing our skills in handling oversized freight.  Tasked with transporting two large water treatment tanks, each measuring a 24′ in length and 13’5″ in diameter, each weighing 20,000 lbs, Can […]

Can Ridge Industries Ltd.: Mastering Precision in Urban Infrastructure Projects

At the bustling heart of Vancouver’s urban landscape lies a testament to precision and efficiency – the recent installation of shoring and fuel storage tanks underground for a gas station at a heavily trafficked intersection. Can Ridge Industries Ltd., renowned for its expertise in heavy lifting and logistical finesse, orchestrated this intricate operation seamlessly. Central to this success was Can Ridge’s […]

Full Service Logistics Management

Can Ridge Industries Ltd. Logistics Division epitomizes excellence in Third Party Logistics Management, offering comprehensive solutions for transporting goods from A to B. Our adept team oversees every stage of the journey, from pickup to offload, ensuring a seamless experience for clients. With Can Ridge Industries Ltd., you gain a partner capable of handling all aspects of logistics management […]

Tandem Lift Project With Folding Boom Cranes

Planning for Success: The Strategy Behind the Tandem Lift At Can Ridge Industries Ltd, we take pride in delivering efficient solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. This was recently demonstrated on a project that required a tandem lift strategy. The journey began with an office container being delivered to site by one of our […]

Transport of Trench Boxes from Burnaby to Abbotsford

Can Ridge Industries Ltd’s Specialized Heavy Equipment Transport Can Ridge Industries Ltd recently transported trench boxes from Burnaby to Abbotsford, BC, utilizing our fleet of specialized heavy equipment. Our two trucks showed up on site, a winch tractor hauling a double drop trailer, and a mobile crane truck, equipped with a Hiab XS 600-5 HIPRO […]

Can Ridge’s Hiab Mobile Crane Installation

Expert Mobile Crane Installation by Can Ridge Industries: Precision and Power in Action In the heart of a bustling construction site, Can Ridge Industries Ltd. showcased its mobile crane expertise by installing an 80-foot jib section onto an All-Terrain Mobile Construction Crane. The project unfolded with precision and efficiency, highlighting the unparalleled capabilities of our […]

Smooth Transport: Can Ridge Industries Ltd. Moves Industrial Pumps with Precision

Efficient Pump Transport from BC to Alberta by Can Ridge Industries: Reliability in Logistics Can Ridge Industries Ltd’s Logistics Division excels in delivering dependable transportation services. Our recent accomplishment involves safely moving industrial pumps from BC to Alberta using a specialized step deck trailer operated by one of our skilled lease operators. We prioritize accuracy and safety in every shipment, ensuring your cargo […]

Can Ridge Industries Ltd’s Logistics Division Excels in Transporting Wide Load from BC to Alberta

Mastering the Art of Heavy Haul: Can Ridge Industries Ltd. Successfully Transports Oversized Load from BC to Alberta Our Logistics Division at Can Ridge Industries Ltd. recently transported an oversized tank from British Columbia to Alberta. Maneuvering through varied terrains, our team expertly coordinated permits and surveyed routes to ensure a secure and efficient transport. This achievement highlights Can Ridge Industries […]