Moving Emergency Response Equipment

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Moving Emergency Response Equipment

Moving Emergency Response Equipment

Transport Containers To Clearwater and New Hazelton


The Can Ridge Team was recently engaged by a very high-profile client to transition some very important cargo. Two containers containing emergency response equipment were to be transitioned to the Clearwater and New Hazelton railway yards from Surrey.

Before commencing the 16 hour trip, our crane operator rigged each of the 10,000 pound containers using 4 chain leg bridles and lifted each them up one by one using a 47 ton knuckle boom crane then began his journey to the first destination, Clearwater, BC.

Once Can Ridge arrived at the first stop in the railway yard, there were some key factors to look out for.  The crane operator having significant experience was trained with rail process and procedures and knew about the potential dangers, risks and hazards involved with operating a crane at a railway yard. The operator had to ensure that he was off loading the container at a safe distance away from the railway tracks so approaching trains and rail vehicles wouldn’t be hazardous to the job.  The operator then offloaded the container 25 feet away from the tracks.

Can Ridge Truck Traveling Back to Vancouver, BC After a Container Move

Can Ridge proceeded to journey to New Hazelton rail yard to offload the second container.  Upon arrival, our operator assessed the area and considered two factors when deciding to offload the container.  He had to ensure that the container containing emergency response equipment would be easily accessible via the two doors on each end of the container.  Secondly, he had to ensure the safety of himself and the safety of others when accessing the equipment.  The operator coned off a designated area at a safe distance from the railway tracks and from any potential hazards from approaching rail vehicles, trains and flying debris.  He was then able to offload the container quickly and efficiently.