Moving a City

Moving a City

Architectural Model of Building Development


Can Ridge’s White Glove Division was engaged by one of our clients to provide a very creative solution to move a large, yet fragile miniature urban, city planning model out of their showroom to create space for a special event.

The city model made of miniature high rises, city parks and urban streets was mounted on a 10 x 18 ft table and comprised of heavy and delicate parts that were not intended to be moved. When the Can Ridge team assessed the scope of work, the key things they considered were: the weight of the structure, high possibility of the tile framing at the base of the table cracking and consideration that the fragile pieces could collapse during the move. To prepare for the move, the floor area had to be protected by laying out ¼ inch plywood and steel plates to distribute the weight evenly across the floor when moving the model.

The Can Ridge Industrial Moving Division had to slightly modify the supporting base to ensure that it was strong enough to be moved.

The structure was then very carefully lifted from all four corners. The team considered the sensitive wooden floors and used dolly’s with rubber wheels to ensure that the floors would not crack during the move. The Can Ridge team then lifted the entire city model with specialty rigging tools to ensure a safe and efficient move.

The entire move was a success and once our client had used the space for their special event, the Can Ridge team moved the city model back to its original location.

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