Move of a Commercial Ironer

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Move of a Commercial Ironer

Move of a Commercial Ironer

Can Ridge Moved & Installed Commercial Laundry Equipment For Burnaby Hotel Chain


Our Industrial Moving team was called in to move, replace and install a special delivery of a wide load sized commercial ironer from our warehouse into the laundry room of a major hotel chain in Burnaby.

This job required some very careful planning as there were some very difficult key factors to consider before executing the move.

The heavy ironer was 14 ft long by 5 ft wide and 6 ft tall and weighed 1,600 pounds.

Firstly, bright and early in the morning, the huge ironer had to be moved out of the warehouse using moving skates and then lifted with a crane and transported to the hotel. The goal was to gain access to the hotel laundry room, where it’s entrance was situated inside the underground parkade of the hotel.  This was not an easy task, as the parkade ramp was on a slope with very low height clearance for the huge ironer to pass through.

There were many unique factors to consider prior to transitioning the ironer. Our industrial moving team had to make space in the laundry room by moving the existing commercial machinery. To do this, some unique moving methods and a hiab crane was used to move and lift 3 dryers and washers out of the laundry room and loaded on a flat deck for disposal. Finally, using the crane again, the last of the old machinery, an old ironer was moved out and lifted up, out of the laundry room and loaded onto the flat deck.

Commercial Washers Moved by Can Ridge Industrial Movers

Finally, it was time to move and place the new ironer. Considering the uneven grading of the ground, our industrial moving team assessed that the ironer could not be moved down the parkade ramp at such a heavy capacity and size. Instead, the team used a crane to lift the ironer 5 feet high and place ironer over the parkade railings to access the laundry room.

The potential challenges the Can Ridge team assessed was the fact that there was a gap with a 5 foot drop between the laundry room and the entranceway to the laundry room. This would make it very difficult to transition the heavy ironer into the space. The other factor that they had considered was that the size of the ironer was too high to fit through the laundry room door.  After some deliberating and careful planning, the industrial moving team devised a unique plan and tilted the ironer diagonally, and with the help of a few minor tools, they were able to fit it through the entryway and over the gap and place it into its intended location successfully.

This unique job was completed in just a day.