Mobile Crane & Industrial Moving Electrical Transformer Placement

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Mobile Crane & Industrial Moving Electrical Transformer Placement

Mobile Crane & Industrial Moving Electrical Transformer Placement
Mobile Crane Services and Industrial Moving Working Together in Langley


Recently, a company in the Langley, BC area had to come up with a solution on short notice to move a critical piece of equipment that would require Mobile Crane Services as well as Industrial Moving. Can Ridge was the only company they had in mind that would be able to effectively and safely complete the specialty move on short notice while ensuring no damage to the equipment.

The item to be moved was a large electrical transformer that needed to be placed on the roof of a new 6-storey commercial building via mobile crane unit, and then permanently placed in position by our expert Industrial Moving Team using an overhead gantry crane due to the distance from where the item would be dropped to its final resting position.

Both the Can Ridge Crane Division and Industrial Moving Division immediately got to work, figuring out a strategy to complete the project, while dealing with any variables and factoring in safety precautions.

One of the first hurdles placed in the way of our team was accessibility for our mobile crane unit. The area we determined that would be the best placement for us to conduct the lift would be on top of a suspended slab, acting as the roof for an underground parkade. This obstacle would require us to bring in a structural engineer to determine if the slab would be able to structurally support the full weight of our mobile crane unit, combined with the weight of the electrical transformer.

Can Ridge Crane and Industrial Moving Services Working in Langley

After the structural engineer deduced maximum weight that the suspended slab would be able to handle, Can Ridge had to determine what mobile crane unit would be the best for the job, as it would have to have a long enough boom to reach the top of the 6-storey commercial building, while being a small enough unit that the suspended slab’s integrity would not be compromised. After the transformer was placed on the roof, the next step was to figure out how the electrical transformer would be received on the roof of the commercial building, and how it would be moved to its permanent resting place. Our Industrial Moving Team solved this problem by using an overhead gantry crane to lift and maneuver the transformer over 100 ft. in distance, using plywood sheets to roll the gantry across the gravel surface of the roof. The transformer was then finally lifted another 15 ft. in the air to be placed on a concrete pedestal that sits upon an elevator shaft.

Our Industrial Moving Team and Crane Division were able to execute and complete the job to a tee, marking down another successful day for Can Ridge.

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