Making Use of Equipment Warehousing

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Making Use of Equipment Warehousing

Making Use of Equipment Warehousing

One of the challenges associated with the handling of industrial equipment and machinery is the logistics and storage. Where do you store your equipment during downtime when it’s not being used? How do you ensure that your equipment is protected from theft and vandalism? That’s where Can Ridge comes in. We are a moving, rigging, and logistics service that specializes in helping you store your industrial equipment and machinery when it’s not being used. Our convenience, protection, and low prices will give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on growing your business, while we take care of your equipment’s storage.


Based out of Langley, BC, our team operates throughout the Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver and all across BC giving you plenty of equipment storage options and convenience. At Can Ridge, we understand that your business’s time is valuable; therefore, we offer customizable plans that will work within your budget, timeline, and specifications. Our precise attention to detail and safety handling ensures that your equipment and machinery will be carefully looked after while not in use; furthermore, we have plenty of flexible options such as warehousing, outside storage, and equipment staging to meet all your business’s needs.


 If your equipment and machinery isn’t being properly stored while inactive, it’s at risk to vandalism and theft. Storage and security can often be expensive when handled separately. The benefit of storage with Can Ridge is that we take care of both, ensuring your equipment is stored safely and efficiently. Our storage facilities are monitored 24/7 to give your equipment and machinery the highest quality protection at all times.


 At Can Ridge, we don’t just beat our competitors on convenience and protection, we offer the lowest price without sacrificing quality. Not only will we beat our competitor’s pricing, we’ll offer you a free lunchtime presentation to your company’s management team in order to show you how our services will save your business money.



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