Large Scale Warehouse Move in Richmond

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Large Scale Warehouse Move in Richmond

Large Scale Warehouse Move in Richmond
Moving Commercial Tanks from Richmond to Langley

Can Ridge Industrial Moving recently completed a move of 24 large brewery tanks for our one of our customers. We took the tanks from a warehouse in Richmond to a new location in Langley.

The original dimensions provided by our customer were that 4 of the tanks were 12’ tall and 20 of the tanks were 8’ tall. We were also advised that there were no ground level exit points in their factory that would accommodate the size of the tanks except for a loading dock.

Upon completion of our site visit, we were able to identify a ground level exit point that did not have much height but would work better than the loading dock. When conducting the site visit we confirmed that the tanks were larger than the customer originally thought. The official measurements were 4 tanks that were 16’ tall and 20 tanks that were 12’ tall, these are large tanks, but easy to move with the right equipment and expertise.

Moving Day

On the day of the move, the tanks were disconnected by removing all the necessary connections as well as the anchors bolts that secured the tanks to the concrete floor. Due to other bottling machinery near the tanks, space was limited which made it difficult to operate our equipment. Thus, making the first four tanks slightly challenging to move.

After the anchors and tanks were removed, they tanks were laid down onto their sides using special equipment in order not to cause any damage to the tanks. Damage such as dents and puncturing holes are common when moving these types of tanks and we have innovative solutions to suit these needs.

The tanks were then skated out of the warehouse through the ground floor exit which did not have a lot of height, but when placed on their side there was just enough space to get through. Out in the parking lot, the tanks were loaded individually using a crane truck and placed onto our tractor trailers. The tanks were secured and safely transported to the new location in Langley.


Once in Langley, the equipment was being kept outside and we were able to use the crane truck to offload and re-erect the tanks and place onto leveling pads.

The customer was exceptionally satisfied with the work, service and fast turn around provided by our team.

Images of our Recent Industrial Warehouse Move

Below are a few images taken by our team on-site. These include the tanks loaded onto our trucks, the layout of the warehouse when we arrived and some close -ups of the equipment we were moving.