IPPC Crating And Overseas Transport Of A Manufacturing Facility

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IPPC Crating And Overseas Transport Of A Manufacturing Facility

IPPC Crating And Overseas Transport Of A Manufacturing Facility

Moving a Manufacturing Facility Overseas From Vancouver

Can Ridge Industries Ltd. Industrial Moving Division is able to offer Machinery Crating for a wide variety of items and equipment. With the holidays just around the corner, a customer approached Can Ridge with a tight deadline that needed to be met.

The customer required multiple high value items to be crated and shipped overseas via air freight in a short time span.

Can Ridge’s Industrial Moving Team along with some assistance from our Transportation Division received the items from the customer’s manufacturing facility in the Greater Vancouver area and then transported the items back to our Industrial Moving headquarters. Once the high value items were in our warehouse, the Industrial Moving Team proceeded to marine wrap and crate the items with ISPM15 stamped and heat-treated lumber ensuring the safety of all items as well as exceed all international shipping standards.

Can Ridge’s efficient Industrial Moving Team was able to complete the task with time to spare.

Can Ridge has successfully crated massive aerospace parts, bulky CNC machines, and delicate paintings with great success. Whatever you need transported, we will analyze the potential threats of vibration and shock and craft a solution that gets your asset to the destination unharmed.

Can Ridge is also IPPC certified with crating specialists ready to serve all your international shipping needs. Our shipping experts will ensure all your departing goods are up to international standards, saving time and money.

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