Installation of Interlocking Retaining Wall Blocks

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Installation of Interlocking Retaining Wall Blocks

Installation of Interlocking Retaining Wall Blocks

Can Ridge Team Provides Project Management, Product Transport & Delivery and Construction of the Retaining Wall


Recently, Can Ridge Industries Ltd. was contacted by a customer wanting to create a retaining wall using Verti-Block concrete blocks. With one call, Can Ridge was able to execute the whole project; from product coordination, transportation, and installation service to the clients specification.

The Challenge:

The retaining wall was at the rear of the property and had very limited access to where the blocks needed to be placed between two houses. Excavation equipment was not a option due to grades and limited space.

Can Ridge executed a plan of action safely and efficiently involving 3 key factors:

Verti Block Interlocking Blocks

Utilizing our flat-deck trailers, Can Ridge transported the Verti-Block decorative blocks to site where they were then offloaded and put into place using our 50-Ton hydraulic crane unit, which had to operate and place the blocks in the narrow location by extending the boom over 100 ft. 

The job also required a stoneslinger to backfill the retaining wall, as well as utilizing the manpower on site to level the area and ensure the blocks were placed correctly.

Can Ridge Industries Ltd. was able to facilitate all aspects of this job, from transportation, to crane services, to on-site manpower, ensuring the project was executed from start to finish. 

Interested in Verti-Block® Products?

Can Ridge Industries offers the full line of Verti-Block® products. Verti-Blocks® are ideal for a variety of landscaping and earth retaining projects including residential and commercial retaining walls. These pre-formed, weather and UV-resistant blocks are able to accommodate winding landscapes and even tight curves, adding depth and texture to any landscape while securely retaining earth.

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