How to Move/Transport a Crane?

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How to Move/Transport a Crane?

How to Move/Transport a Crane?
Logistics Required for Crane Transport

Moving a crane requires specific logistics depending on the size and type. A crane, also known as a tower crane or hammerhead crane, are used to construct and move materials around a jobsite. These cranes are stationary and are anchored to a large concrete pad. This means that tower cranes require transportation to and from different jobsites to complete infrastructure projects.

Photo: Allied Crane

A tower crane is made up of multiple parts, with each part having multiple sections. These parts include the mast, the jib / working arm, the slewing unit, counterweights, as well as an array of other items.

These pieces are held in a tower crane company’s storage yard until a third-party transportation company, such as Can Ridge Industries Ltd. collects these pieces and transports them to a jobsite when needed. Can Ridge uses a variety of equipment during this transportation process to ensure safe delivery to the jobsite. The equipment used includes single and double drop extendable trailers, step-decks, low-beds, as well as stiff-boom and folding boom mobile cranes.

Once these pieces are delivered to a jobsite, another third-party mobile crane company steps in. This company utilizes large 5 axle all-terrain hydraulic mobile cranes which work in unison with the tower crane company’s Red Seal Crane Erectors to fully assemble the tower crane for safe operation on the jobsite.

Can Ridge offers full mobile crane and transportation services, with mobile cranes ranging from 20 ton Stiff or Folding Boom Cranes, to 270 ton Hydraulic Cranes. We have a mobile crane solution for every need, including transporting, lifting, and maneuvering large or small assets for a vast array of industries.

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