Cross Country Logistics & Industrial Moving

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Cross Country Logistics & Industrial Moving

Cross Country Logistics & Industrial Moving

A customer recently reached out to our Logistics Team to coordinate a complicated move for them. The client had sold a large piece of machinery from their warehouse to a company in Florida. Due to the complicated nature of the machine, we needed to call in our Industrial Moving Team.

Our Logistics and Industrial Moving Teams went to the customers warehouse to complete a site visit and provide a detailed estimate. It was here that our Industrial Moving Manager estimated a week to professionally dismantle the equipment and prepare it for transport, while our Logistics Coordinator estimated we would need 2-3 trailer loads to get the machine to Florida.

The client went with Can Ridge because of our ability to handle everything in house from the dismantling, border paperwork for getting the machine across the line, and the transportation.

A week prior to the machines being loaded onto trailers, our Industrial Moving Team arrived at the warehouse ready to dismantle the machine. Thanks to our experienced team, the dismantling went quicker than anticipated despite no manufacturer’s specifications to work from.

While our Industrial Moving Team was busy hard at work in the warehouse, our Logistics Coordinator was taking care of all the details to get the load safely to its final destination. In order to plan the load properly, we needed to know the weight of each piece of the machine. With the lack of manufacturer details, our team had to estimate the weight of each piece for transportation purposes. We estimated 17,000 lbs a piece which required two lift trucks to lift and load on to the trailer. When the dismantling was complete, it was time for our Logistics Team to take over and get the machine to its final destination. We were able to minimize the load to get the machine onto 2 trailers, effectively saving the customer money. On the day of the big move, it was confirmed that our estimates were accurate and the lift onto the trailers went smooth. Due to the complicated nature of the load it took several hours to get both trailers loaded, tarped and send them on their way to Florida.

The trucks left our customers warehouse on Wednesday and delivered the following Tuesday for an on-time delivery.

Do you have a complicated move and need expert hands? Fill out a quote request and we will contact you right away to get your equipment moving!