Crane Rentals in Vancouver

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Crane Rentals in Vancouver

Crane Rentals in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city with many moving parts and numerous expanding industries. There is a constant need for movement of machinery and equipment throughout the city, which requires a reliable crane rental. Can Ridge prides itself on providing reliable, safe, and quick crane rentals in Vancouver. Here is how we provide this service to all of our clients.

Qualified Crane Operators

Crane operations can be dangerous and the objects that are being lifted are extremely valuable. Whether it is moving a steel girder on a construction site, or a piece of heavy machinery from a CNC shop – one operational mistake can be costly. To ensure the safest and most reliable service, we have qualified and experienced crane operators on staff. Our team has performed many different moves with a diverse range of equipment, so we understand the larger picture when we take on a project. Our experience also allows us to prepare and setup faster for each job. We can plan out the task to ensure that everyone is safe and all laws are followed.

Our experience also allows us to identify the right equipment required for the job. After discussing the task with you we can determine what type of crane should be used, how much space will be required, and how many team members will be needed to perform the job.

On Call Availability

At times a crane rental can be required in a matter of hours. Our operators are on call so that we can be ready for any job when it arises. Our team is ready to help you take on your move by having our equipment prepped and staff available for same-day service.

Competitive Rates & Free Quotes

We offer competitive rates and free quotes. We do this because we understand that you are also running a business and have important decisions to make. We will provide you will all the details you need and information required to get started with a crane rental from Can Ridge.