Logistics, Transport & Crane Service in rural Canada

Off the Grid Crane Service Can Ridge Industries Ltd recently completed a complex project that demonstrated our expertise in transportation and logistics solutions, involving the safe rigging & relocation of a 36,000 lb crate.  This project required Can Ridge to drive one of our flat deck trucks off-highway, over rugged terrain for 3 hours to […]

Our Core Values

Can Ridge Industries Ltd. is very proud to introduce our CORE VALUES: Together, our leadership team came up with our core values. As a company, we truly believe they are the foundation on how we make our decisions each day both professionally & personally. Can Ridge looks forward to showing those around us how we […]

Cross-Border Modular Home Logistics by the Can Ridge Team

  Recently the Can Ridge Logistics and Transport Team orchestrated a large, complicated move across the border from British Columbia to Washington State. Many of our customers have sent us queries on how cross-border moves are executed and how the timeline is affected by the crossing process. In this article, we will walk you through […]