Shipping Logistics

Shipping Logistics

Can Ridge Logistics Transporting Water Treatment Tanks

Can Ridge Industries Ltd’s full-service Logistics Management Division  transporting two large water treatment tanks Can Ridge Industries Ltd’s full-service Logistics Management Division recently undertook a significant task, showcasing our skills in handling oversized freight.  Tasked with transporting two large water treatment tanks, each measuring a 24′ in length and 13’5″ in diameter, each weighing 20,000 lbs, Can […]

Full Service Logistics Management

Can Ridge Industries Ltd. Logistics Division epitomizes excellence in Third Party Logistics Management, offering comprehensive solutions for transporting goods from A to B. Our adept team oversees every stage of the journey, from pickup to offload, ensuring a seamless experience for clients. With Can Ridge Industries Ltd., you gain a partner capable of handling all aspects of logistics management […]

Smooth Transport: Can Ridge Industries Ltd. Moves Industrial Pumps with Precision

Efficient Pump Transport from BC to Alberta by Can Ridge Industries: Reliability in Logistics Can Ridge Industries Ltd’s Logistics Division excels in delivering dependable transportation services. Our recent accomplishment involves safely moving industrial pumps from BC to Alberta using a specialized step deck trailer operated by one of our skilled lease operators. We prioritize accuracy and safety in every shipment, ensuring your cargo […]

Transport & Delivery of Formula-E Car

Unique Industrial Moving – Transport to Vancouver, BC from Dallas, TX Can Ridge Industries Ltd. Industrial Moving Division recently completed a White-Glove Service move by participating in the delivery and return transport of a Formula-E car. The Spark SRT05E Gen2 Formula E car was crated and transported from Dallas, TX to Vancouver, BC via air freight where it was then intercepted by Can Ridge’s Industrial […]

Water-Crossing Delivery of Concrete Blocks in BC

Can Ridge Delivers Equipment & Concrete Blocks 10km up to the North End of Stave Lake To some, these images may just look like some great photos of Can Ridge Industries Ltd. proudly exhibiting our branding and equipment on an interesting assignment. However, to us it shows something more… Project management, logistics and coordination, concrete…

Shipping an Excavator from Canada Overseas

The Power of 3PL Logistics Can Ridge Industries Logistics Division provides logistics services and transportation across British Columbia by utilizing our diverse fleet of equipment operated by our skillful team members. Sometimes however, an item needs to be transported across the border to the United States or overseas. This is where Can Ridge’s Third-Party Logistics […]

Cross Country Logistics & Industrial Moving

LOGISTICS AND INDUSTRIAL MOVING TEAM UP FOR A GREAT CROSS COUNTRY MOVE A customer recently reached out to our Logistics Team to coordinate a complicated move for them. The client had sold a large piece of machinery from their warehouse to a company in Florida. Due to the complicated nature of the machine, we needed…

Cross-Border Modular Home Logistics by the Can Ridge Team

  Recently the Can Ridge Logistics and Transport Team orchestrated a large, complicated move across the border from British Columbia to Washington State. Many of our customers have sent us queries on how cross-border moves are executed and how the timeline is affected by the crossing process. In this article, we will walk you through […]