Can Ridge is Committed To Long-Term Success   Great safety isn’t about telling staff to improve safety.  Instead, it’s an opportunity to motivate staff to work together for a common good.  Here at Can Ridge we take safety very seriously and are committed to our team’s long-term success, that’s why we hosted a full Safety […]

Operating Mobile Cranes in Severe Weather Conditions

  Become familiar with the precautions we take when severe weather shows up at the job site.   Recently we wrote an article about all the uses and benefits of mobile cranes but at Can Ridge Industries, one of our core values is safety, so we wanted follow up with a precautionary note related to […]

What is a 30M33? – Electrical Safety

A 30M33 for is an “assurance in writing” is provided to and used by all power system owners in B.C. It is currently the only assurance in writing form that is acceptable to WorkSafeBC. Generally, the 30M33 form does not need to be used when the work is being performed in compliance within the limits […]

Job Site Communication

Lack of communication between coworkers is one of the single most reasons for accidents and injuries on the job-site. Many different trades and equipment are constantly performing hundreds of separate tasks around us daily, and all it takes is for a single breakdown of communication between two individuals for an accident to occur. February – […]

Ground Stability

We have had some serious winter weather this year, which has caused havoc in most sectors in the lower mainland especially in the construction industry. The snow on a normal day causes concerns for mobile cranes as road conditions worsen, but another safety concern is once the snow melts. February – Ground Stability – Can […]

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Workers must wear clothing that provides ample protection from weather and other hazards. When clothing may come in contact with moving parts of equipment, tools or machinery, the clothing must not be torn, ragged or loose, and pants must not have cuffs. High-visibility apparel must be worn when there is exposure to the danger of […]