Can Ridge Safety Day 2022

Can Ridge Industries Annual Safety Day in Pitt Meadows Can Ridge Industries Ltd. held its 2022 Annual Safety Day on June 11th at our maintenance and Industrial Moving facility located in Pitt Meadows, BC. It was an event well organized by our Safety Committee with great support from our administrative staff who helped prepare the training packages.  […]

Can Ridge Safety Day 2021

Can Ridge Industries Ltd. held its 2021 Annual Safety Day on July 10th at our maintenance and Industrial Moving facility located in Pitt Meadows, BC.  The loosening of COVID-19 restrictions in BC allowed this safety day to take place in person. The entire Can Ridge team had a full day of learning, hands-on demonstrations, and Q&A’s with […]

Keeping Our Team Together, But Separate

Following Safety Recommendations During COVID-19 Outbreak   Can Ridge is offering our full line of services during the times of COVID-19. We are taking strong measures to ensure the safety of our team as well as our customers. Following the safety recommendations set by the Provincial Health Authority, Can Ridge has set up for employees […]


Can Ridge is Committed To Long-Term Success   Great safety isn’t about telling staff to improve safety.  Instead, it’s an opportunity to motivate staff to work together for a common good.  Here at Can Ridge we take safety very seriously and are committed to our team’s long-term success, that’s why we hosted a full Safety […]

Operating Mobile Cranes in Severe Weather Conditions

  Become familiar with the precautions we take when severe weather shows up at the job site.   Recently we wrote an article about all the uses and benefits of mobile cranes but at Can Ridge Industries, one of our core values is safety, so we wanted follow up with a precautionary note related to […]