Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes

Tandem Lift Project With Folding Boom Cranes

Planning for Success: The Strategy Behind the Tandem Lift At Can Ridge Industries Ltd, we take pride in delivering efficient solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. This was recently demonstrated on a project that required a tandem lift strategy. The journey began with an office container being delivered to site by one of our […]

Can Ridge’s Hiab Mobile Crane Installation

Expert Mobile Crane Installation by Can Ridge Industries: Precision and Power in Action In the heart of a bustling construction site, Can Ridge Industries Ltd. showcased its mobile crane expertise by installing an 80-foot jib section onto an All-Terrain Mobile Construction Crane. The project unfolded with precision and efficiency, highlighting the unparalleled capabilities of our […]

Creating a Black Bear Den at Greater Vancouver Zoo

Can Ridge Industries: Building a Cozy Black Bear Den at Greater Vancouver Zoo with Our Unique Freightliner FLB Cabover Crane Truck Another unique project undertaken by Can Ridge Industries Ltd! Our Freightliner FLB Cabover mobile crane truck was called upon to perform an interesting task: place two 20-foot shipping containers to create a new black […]

Can Ridge Industries Ltd. helps assemble an Aircraft using a Mobile Crane

Can Ridge Industries Ltd: Successfully Assembling a Bombardier Challenger 600 Aircraft As a leading player in mobile crane and transportation industry, Can Ridge Industries Ltd, recently undertook an impressive feat, helping assemble a Bombardier Challenger 600 aircraft. Utilizing our newly upgraded our Freightliner Cabover Tandem mobile crane truck, equipped with a brand new Hiab 858-E10 HiPro […]

New Hiab 858-E10 HiPro Crane

Introducing the new and improved UNIT 20, AKA SHERMAN (like the tank) Can Ridge Industries Ltd. has recently upgraded our Freightliner Cabover Tandem mobile crane truck, with a brand new Hiab 858-E10 HiPro mobile crane! This new Hiab has 10 boom extensions and is capable of lifting 22,000kgs at 3 metres, all the way to […]

Crane Services in Prince George, BC

Did you know? Can Ridge has expanded folding boom crane & flat deck services to Prince George, BC   Can Ridge Industries Ltd. is excited to announce the opening of its new branch in Prince George, BC! With this expansion, we aim to provide our customers in the area with experienced, folding boom crane and flat…

Transport of Oversized Trench Shoring Boxes

Can Ridge Industries completed the transport & assembly of trench shoring boxes in the Lower Mainland A past project including the transportation and assembly of large trench shoring boxes for a local company. This project necessitated the use two mobile crane trucks for offsite assembly of the trench shoring boxes as well as lifting and […]

What is a Hiab Truck?

What does a Hiab Truck do? A Hiab crane truck is a mobile crane that is mounted on a heavy-duty, modified truck chassis that is able to lift, lower or move loaded materials horizontally and vertically. Hiab is a Swedish company that builds loading equipment for transportation purposes, such as, mobile cranes, forestry cranes, recycling cranes, truck mounted […]