Can Ridge’s Newest Piece of Equipment

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Can Ridge’s Newest Piece of Equipment

Can Ridge’s Newest Piece of Equipment

Double-Drop Trailer Used For Alberta to YVR Transport


During these strange times, Can Ridge is still working and maintaining all of our services, with strict safety ordinances to ensure the safety of our team and customers. 

One of Can Ridge’s newest pieces of equipment is a double-drop trailer. The double-drop trailer allows for transportation of over-dimensional equipment.

A recent job completed by our Transportation Division in association with our Logistics Division, using our double-drop trailer was a long haul from Alberta to the Vancouver International Airport, delivering a 12,000kg De-Icing Truck that spanned 32′ in length.

Can Ridge Industries Ltd. is happy to service all urgent requests, as well as offer Hot Shot Shipments, for expedited transportation of equipment or materials. We have a large variety of equipment and a team of skilled personnel to ensure that any delivery or service will be completed in a safe and timely fashion.

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