Can Ridge’s Hiab Mobile Crane Installation

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Can Ridge’s Hiab Mobile Crane Installation

Can Ridge’s Hiab Mobile Crane Installation

Expert Mobile Crane Installation by Can Ridge Industries: Precision and Power in Action

In the heart of a bustling construction site, Can Ridge Industries Ltd. showcased its mobile crane expertise by installing an 80-foot jib section onto an All-Terrain Mobile Construction Crane. The project unfolded with precision and efficiency, highlighting the unparalleled capabilities of our team and equipment.

Industrial crane truck on a construction site with a red lattice boom crane in the background, modern building facade, and excavation equipment.

The star of the operation was our Freightliner FLB Cabover, equipped with the powerful 858-E10 Hiab mobile crane. This dynamic duo delivered not just reliability, but with a seamless integration of power and finesse, ensuring a flawless installation process. The Freightliner’s maneuverability and the 858-E10 Hiab’s precision made light work of the complex task at hand.

Can Ridge workers, a red mobile crane lifting a load, and heavy machinery in front of a large blue building with vertical stripes.

Our skilled operator demonstrated their commitment to safety and efficiency, orchestrating the intricate dance of heavy machinery. Can Ridge Industries Ltd.’s Mobile Crane Division stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence in mobile crane services.