Can Ridge Called To The Rescue

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Can Ridge Called To The Rescue

Can Ridge Called To The Rescue

Mobile Cranes Called To Adjust Load During Transport


Recently, a company contacted Can Ridge with a problem. A load had shifted on one of their trucks on the side of the highway and needed to be re-secured. Can Ridge Industries Ltd. was the only company they had in mind to help get the truck back on the road.

Can Ridge’s Crane Division immediately hopped into action to deal with the incident so that the company would be able to safely and securely get their truck back on the road and to its destination.

Can Ridge Crane Called To Resecure Load

2 mobile crane units and 5 team members deployed to the area and quickly came up with a plan to fix the problem. 2 team members operated the mobile crane units, while 2 team members rigged the materials. The fifth team member acted as the safety champion to ensure all safety standards were met, as well as maintaining strict physical distancing between team members and the customer.

Can Ridge was able to reload, re-stack, and re-band the load in just under 2 hours, while maintaining high safety standards and physical distancing. The truck made it to its destination safely.

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