Autoclave Move to Alberta

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Autoclave Move to Alberta

Autoclave Move to Alberta

Complex Move from Lower Mainland to Alberta


Recently our Industrial Moving Division was contacted about moving some pieces of equipment from the Lower Mainland to Alberta. Our technical team went down to assess the equipment, and used their expertise, as well as research, to determine the weights and dimensions of the specific pieces that were going to be transported.

In a last minute decision, the client decided that they wanted a different piece of equipment to be transported first. The piece was a large autoclave that our Industrial Moving Division determined was 14’ in diameter, 15.5’ in length, and weighed in at 45,000 lbs.

Can Ridge Lowbed Trailer with Autoclave

At this point, the Industrial Moving Division had to shift gears and work in unison with our Mobile Crane Division and Logistics Division (Highway Transportation) to continue progress on the job. Our Logistics Division worked quickly to obtain the proper permits, line up the pilot cars, and determine what the proper equipment for full service transportation would be so that we would be able to safely and securely move the autoclave in a timely manner. Logistics determined that we would need to utilize our specialized lowbed RGN (Removal Gooseneck) expandable trailer to maintain a low travel height of 15’4”.

Can Ridge crane lifting autoclave for move

The next step was for our Mobile Crane Division to lift the autoclave onto our RGN lowbed trailer. One of our expert operators used one of our newest mobile cranes in the fleet to safely and securely lift the 45,000 lbs. autoclave onto the trailer, while following all lift regulations and safety precautions.

Can Ridge crane lifting autoclave off truck in Alberta

In the end, Can Ridge and all of its divisions were able to work as a team, and succeeded in delivering the autoclave to Alberta in a timely fashion.