4 Situations That Require Professional Small Equipment Moving

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4 Situations That Require Professional Small Equipment Moving

4 Situations That Require Professional Small Equipment Moving


When many people think of cranes, both mobile and fixed, they conjure images of massive bundles of heavy scaffolding being hoisted hundreds of feet into the air. Yes, our team is very familiar with moving large, heavy equipment and bulky building materials across job sites, but we have also honed our skills for smaller jobs. There are many business owners and managers that might not be directly connected to the logistical or construction industries that are unaware of the custom solutions that can be created for every move, no matter the size.

Here are four situations where a professional crew such as the Can Ridge Industrial Team can help you with a small equipment or material move!


Tight Quarters

When it comes time to relocate a piece of equipment or any other asset in tight quarters, you might be left scratching your head trying to figure out how the item in question even got in there in the first place! We deal with these unique situations all the time. In most cases, there is a heavy or delicate piece of equipment in a location where heavy machinery cannot be brought in to help relocate or completely move the asset.

Recent projects where our clients faced similar issues tasked our team with moving bank vaults and machinery tucked into spaces surrounded by other obstacles that were bolted down!

The solution? Custom rigging and an innovative mindset on site! Tight quarters calls for specialized equipment and a team with the experience- this gives us the ability to quickly complete the move without damaging your equipment!


A heavy bank vault that needs to be relocated with industrial moving


Expensive and Delicate Equipment

Sometimes we have to put our mechanical muscles away and approach a job with a gentle touch! If you have extremely delicate or expensive pieces of equipment, you need to find a group of professionals that you can trust. One small mistake can result in thousands of dollars in damages.

We recently moved a series of large glass cases for a retailer, utilizing special rigging that allowed us to quickly move the cases from one location to another with zero damages.

We are also very familiar with moving CNC machines and large screens which are extremely fragile… and expensive. Don’t risk damaging your equipment by trying to move your own fragile assets!


Small but Heavy

How much does a pizza oven weigh? How about a dentist chair? When a business owner needs to move equipment like this, they often don’t realize just how heavy they are (an average pizza oven is over 1250 pounds by the way). This can result in your equipment being damaged or even worse, the team that is attempting to move such a heavy object can be seriously injured.

A large totem pole that needs to be relocated with industrial moving


Awkward Sized Materials

The fourth scenario we often encounter finds us creating solutions for awkward assets such as statues and totem poles. Many of us don’t consider how these items were placed in their current resting place and even less think about how you might move a decorative piece to a new location.

The client we worked with that needed totem poles moved does not need logistical support on a daily basis. However, they realized quickly that they had no idea on how to properly take down and relocate a totem pole, especially without damaging it. 


Your business or industry might not need mobile cranes or logistical solutions every single day, but if you can realize when an industrial moving team is required, you can save time and money, leaving your team with fewer headaches and damaged equipment!


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