Our Safety Policy:

Can Ridge Industries Ltd is committed to a strong Health and Safety Program that protects its employees, contractors, customers , clients, the public and property from accidents and/or incidents occurring on our projects. We believe that all accidents are preventable. Our goal is ZERO accidents.

Active participation at all levels will ensure that our goal can be achieved.

We endeavor to provide proper and relevant employee training, job specific safe work practices, project and personal protection equipment, operation and maintenance procedures, and safety guidelines that focus management, employee and contractor awareness on reducing the risk of accidents and/or incidents in all activities.

Can Ridge Industries, contractor employers and contractor employees are responsible for fully complying with all health and safety standards and regulations, including the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (the OHS Regulation), and for co-operating with management in the implementation of the Health and Safety Program, worksite inspections, incident/accident investigation and in the continuous improvement of this program.

Can Ridge Industries is committed to safe and sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations and therefore will review and update our safety program on a yearly basis to adapt to industry changes, tends and requirements.

Can Ridge Industries management, contractor management and all employees are collectively responsible to ensure compliance with local government, occupational health, safety and environmental regulation.

WorkSafe BC
WorkSafe BC Account Number: 637276 AQ

Insurance Coverage
Can Ridge Industries carries complete cargo and liability insurance.