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Moving Equipment Through Machinery Crating

Moving equipment, machinery or any industrial package is a major task. Preparing your goods for transportation is an important procedure with many logistics involved. Crating in particular is an essential final step to ensuring a damage-free delivery. At Can Ridge, we offer professional crating services for your shipment. Our machinery crating team has years of experience to ensure your equipment is shipped safely and securely. Here are some reasons to consider professional machinery crating.

Assessment of goods & transportation method

Every crating job is unique and should be handled very delicately in order to ensure a safe delivery. The first thing to consider is the mode of transportation. This helps in understanding what types of shock vibration and movement can be expected during delivery. Whether shipping by land, sea, or air there are different procedures that can be taken to ensure that vibration is dampened and any movement is brought to an extreme minimum. Our team will ensure all hazards are accounted for depending on which mode of transportation is being used for moving your equipment.

Custom crating for the right move

Custom crating jobs are done on site or in-house depending on your specific needs. We have the highest standards of quality control with years of experience fabricating protective crating structures. Depending on the goods being moved, our team will help you decide which crate and packing method is best. When packaging the machinery we can use vapour barrier insulation to avoid condensation damage and foam cushioning for shock absorption. Our team has access to a wide range of quality products that help us to deliver the best crating service possible.