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Custom crating for domestic and international shipping including IPPC stamped wood

There are many different types of products and machinery that require custom crating when being shipped either domestically or internationally. Can Ridge has several years of custom crating experience. We are familiar with all of the preparation procedures and details necessary to safely ship your products on time and in one piece. When it comes to custom crating for domestic and international shipping including IPPC stamped wood, Can Ridge ensures that the proper analysis and planning is completed to package your item correctly. To learn more about custom crating for domestic shipping, custom crating for international shipping and the regulations regarding IPPC stamped word, read our breakdown below.

Custom crating for domestic shipping

From fine art and priceless antiques to heavy machinery and equipment, custom crating for domestic shipping requires both experience and expertise to ensure that your item is packaged correctly. Due to the tight deadlines normally associated with heavy equipment and machinery shipping within Canada, it is important to partner with a company capable of providing your business with fast crating services for domestic shipping that remain on time and on budget. Can Ridge ensures that your custom crating for domestic shipment is accomplished promptly without compromising safety.

Custom crating for international shipping

International shipping often involves more risk than domestic shipping. Because your shipment will likely change hands more frequently in the international shipping process, your package is more vulnerable. This means that there is greater importance with respect to the quality of custom crating used to secure your package. Don’t put your package at risk when shipping internationally. No matter how fragile your package may be, trust the custom crating experts at Can Ridge to safeguard it with custom crating for international shipping.

What is IPPC stamped wood?

IPPC stamped wood is a standard of wood developed by the International Plant Protection Convention for shipping internationally. In order to ship internationally with custom crating made out of non-engineered wood products, the wood needs to be treated with heat or fumigation. Once the proper treatment is in place, the crates will need to be stamped with the IPPC symbol if they are to be shipped across borders. The purpose of the treatment is to eliminate any living organisms in the wood that could be accidentally shipped within the wood in the transportation process.