Hiilite Studio

Hiilite Studio

Industrial Moving & Storage for Complete Shop Relocations

As businesses evolve, it is common for shops and warehouses to relocate several times throughout their lifespan. Whether a business is moving into a larger facility due to an increased demand in production or moving to a smaller facility to adjust to downsizing, it is important to ensure that all industrial equipment and warehouse machinery […]

Vancouver Home and Design Show 2016

Thousands of homeowners attended the Vancouver Convention Centre West for four days of the 2016 Vancouver Home + Design Show, visitors eagerly walked the show to gain inspiration and meet with over 330 exhibitors and experts to discuss their projects. Some of the features of this years show include celebrity guests: Mia Parres and Rob […]

Specialty Rigging and Machinery Moving

When it comes to any type of specialty rigging and machinery moving, it is imperative to take extreme care and proceed with caution. There are many different pieces of equipment that come into play during each move, each of which must be handled properly in order to avoid accidents and equipment damage. Specialty rigging and […]

Professional Machinery Installation

Can Ridge is much more than a heavy equipment and machinery moving company. We also specialize in professional machinery installation throughout the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area. No matter what type of industry you are in, trust Can Ridge for all of your machinery and heavy equipment moving needs. There are many advantages to using […]

Heavy Equipment Moving in Delta

Business has been booming in Delta which means many new building and construction projects are on the horizon. All of these new construction projects will require heavy equipment and machinery that will ultimately need to be transported and stored. The heavy equipment used in these construction projects is of great value; therefore, it’s imperative to […]

Safe Entry and Exit – 3 Points of Contact

Did you know if you jump from the cabin, you can exert 12 times your body weight on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back? When getting in and out of your truck, you need to maintain three points of contact with the machine.  That means one hand and two feet, or two hands and one […]

Making Use of Equipment Warehousing

One of the challenges associated with the handling of industrial equipment and machinery is the logistics and storage. Where do you store your equipment during downtime when it’s not being used? How do you ensure that your equipment is protected from theft and vandalism? That’s where Can Ridge comes in. We are a moving, rigging, […]

Moving Equipment Through Machinery Crating

Moving equipment, machinery or any industrial package is a major task. Preparing your goods for transportation is an important procedure with many logistics involved. Crating in particular is an essential final step to ensuring a damage-free delivery. At Can Ridge, we offer professional crating services for your shipment. Our machinery crating team has years of […]